Murdering Point Winery

Murdering-Point-Wine-250The multi-Award winning Murdering Point Winery is unique in every sense; the name, the unmatched range of exotic tropical wines, the location and the passion that drives the owners to offer Canecutter Way guests only the best.

Along with wines produced from tropical fruits such as lychee, mango and passionfruit, Murdering Point Winery also produces wines of outstanding quality from the Australian Bush Tucker fruit, Davidson Plum, and the homeopathic, “Supherb”, a health conscious blend of jaboticaba, ginger and ginseng.

Murdering Point Winery is also home to the White Devil Port, a delicious wicked pineapple sensation, “The Point” port, and the Black Devil Port, a unique blend of black Sapote and cognac, Mocha Cream, a chocolate coffee cream, Banana Cream and Choc Mint Cream.

Guests will enjoy an exotic tropical wine tasting while learning the history of the region in the unpretentious surroundings of their cellar door and tropical landscaped gardens.
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161 Murdering Point Road, Silkwood East Qld 4857
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