Okka Wikka

Cane Cutter Way : As Cultural Artists,  Okka Wikka provides a window into the spirit of our Coastal Wet Tropics  and a unique cauldron of our Pacific Basin Heritage

Through the abundant natural fibers of our region we connect to land and family continuum  from our first people to our modern multicultural heritage

Okka Wikka           Karrinyarra  Artists

Okka Wikka was established in 1980 as a contemporary lawyer cane cottage craft design business
Okka Wikka now focuses on curriculum design and teaching using natural fibers
We target  Education, Health, Holiday Programs, Archival Research, FNQ indigenous elders, to develop an online archive and train Teachers
Okka Wikka is a vehicle to carry ancestral memory, commercial and cultural wealth, using renewable natural fibers
Primary fibers used are Coconut Leaf, Banana trunk, Bamboo, Hibiscus, Lawyer Cane, Lomandra, NZ flax,  Papyrus,  Pandanus, Bulrush, etc

Cane Cutter Way   –   ‘A Cultural Landscape Tour’