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Contact Us

This website is owned and operated by the Canecutter Way.
If you would like your business to be included on this website, please contact the Canecutter Way.

For more information about the Canecutter Way or comments and suggestions on this website, please contact:


Canecutter Way
Po Box 70
Mena Ck Qld 4871

Canecutter Way (CCW) Membership Details:

The membership year runs from 1st of April one year to the 1st of April the following year. Our AGM is held in November and all members are asked to attend to ensure their nominated executive is supported.
We ask that you support the businesses and communities along the Cancutter Way and give further support in times of promotional activities.
We welcome all parties showing an interest.

The membership fee is $65.00 per annum.

What does this give you?

  • Your own page on the website which you can expand, update, create media releases and blogs. This can also be linked to and from your own established site.
  • Voting rights and participation in the decision making at all meetings.
  • Access to all training and promotional events and activities advertised by associate organisations.
  • Access to advertising space on the Discover Map, CCW Brochure, banners and other promotional material generated.
  • Access to the CCWBG ‘Members Section’ of the Discussion board with minutes, projects and links with information on Government & Tourism Departments, free training sessions, grants and business information.
  • Access to all CCWBGInc. projects and events.
  • Discovery Map allocation.
  • Logo Display at events.
  • Business Card Draws at networking events.